Just when I get ready to come back to the world… we have a storm… we have a storm that was rude to the foilage outside and somehow or other we no longer have net or phone. :/ but at least the power is back on. AC.

-grooms phone screen of Tumbler with tongue-




It was on the news. Everyone please lock your doors and stay safe.

It’s happening in many places. In Florida it is being swept under the rug partially as a joke. But when you’re in Jacksonville and you know something is brewing… it’s not a joke. Jacksonville date is the 31st of August. Be safe.

a day in the life of a roleplayer

roleplayer: *looks at muse*
muse: *looks at roleplayer*
roleplayer: no.
muse: yes.
roleplayer: don't you fucking dare.

-leers at a particular muse in my head- Why… why of all creatures in my head… are you the ONLY ONE that is awake and wanting to do shit. I don’t RP with you y’peice of shit. No blog, no character card, profile or even a past memory to dredge you up from.
I don’t even have a laptop with me in order to do anything with…
Please stop jumping on my brain and heart.
Fucking Gunniwolf. I love you but….
I vanish too much. But that’s life. I don’t know where I’m gonna be sleeping most nights. The only thing steady in this life is work, and my days are different every week.
Perpetual couch surfer. It’s wears on a person. I slept in a mormon church last night for crying out loud. Totally unplanned and not uncomfortable. Generally I bounce between family. A week here, a week there… a few days at a friends house… if I can’t stand people at the moment I sleep in my car in the parking lot at work. Last night was a last moment thing. A storm brewed up and I was not driving an hour in it just to get to a house of screaming adults.
I wish I could give my babies the attention they want and deserve, but I can’t.
I do miss you guys though.

I found out from someone today that my mom has been telling everyone for years how proud she was of her Emo daughter. This someone was a former classmate who is now a fitness trainer at a local gym. His wife is a physical therapist and also a former classmate who had overheard mum talking to my Gram at one of her sessions with her hand… Apparently mum is proud that I can balance gaming and real life better than she and my step dad ever could. However, where she got the term Emo from in regards to gaming… I’ll never know. But she has it spread far and wide that I am Emo. I don’t even know what Emo means anymore due to the internet skewing most views a smalltown person grows up with, but I’m certain everyone expected something else. I know the locals expected dark colors, depressive, and peirced with crazy hair. That is what Emo was when we were in school, don’t get your panties in a bunch. My former classmate said he thought I should know and that it was good meeting up again… even if it was at Walmart. He said he was relieved.
The weird looks I’ve been getting in town make a little more sense. My hair is white blond and my wardrobe contains mostly bright warm colors and I’m happy to say that I have lost weight since highschool. The idea that I’d turned grey had them expecting something else entirely.
Thank you Mom… for giving me the best shock factor ever.

But really? Besides the complete mix up with names… I don’t even classify as a gamer… I play MTG once a month and mostly drool on my pillows as I play Pokemon Snap.


my elbow just did the weirdest pop…

I’m so sorry, I read that as poop.

Am I good enough yet?