Rant; When roleplay popularity and multiship walk together



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Okay, I kinda thought about a certain thing last night and felt the urge of ranting about it here on tumblr even though some people might not agree.

I’ve been in the RP business on tumblr for over four years, and through all this time, writing either…

Last night I was sober and about to post a huge sappy depressing post, due to recent events i-ve been in a terrinle mood. But I was sober and deleted t.
Now I’ve had enough to make a Russian sick amd I,m giggling my ass off. J love you guys. I’m never on posting things, but i am quietly stakfing you still.all of you.

Apparently I am the towns unofficial namer of pets.


Re-watching Pumpkin Scissors… Oh my god whut?

Fill this with your muse's information


Name: Origional name was lost when he lost status. Now called Tekuno, the name Neim dubbed him.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. He’s pretty fucking old though, being the second son of Greed.

Parents: Mother: Unknown Father: Mammon, Demon of Greed.




Grow For Me: Audrey II Model Kit by Joe Dunaway / Website

Can we give it a sunflower head and glasses amd make it an Anderplant? It IS in a certain coffee can….


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Phone ranting time and I’m not smart enough to learn a thing. :^/

…. I’m just tired.
My day was going great. I only had to work four hours…. me and the entire staff of co-workers (all six of us haha) went to see a play and then the boss suddenly kidnapped us and treated everyone to Roadhouse for dinner in celebration. We broke a tri-county record yesterday with our first Library Summer program of the season. It was a stellar success. By quote it was “the best Library summer opening program in years.”
Who did that? This girl!! Booyaaaa!
Everything was great till I called the house at 11 to let my grandparents know that I was 15 min away. A whole hour before I said I was going to be home.

A whole freaking hour early.

My grandfather blew up on the phone telling me I was out too late and I better be home yesterday.

On the drive home I wanted to just say fuck it all and just keep driving till I ran out of gas or reached West Virginia again.

I’m just so sick of the sexist bull I have to put up with. Wow, you’re probably thinking “how is that sexist?”
I have two male cousins here in Florida. One a few months younger than me and the other three years older. I go all the time hearing how great they are, how “T” is graduating college and how “J” is doing so good at work and how great they all are. Pawpaw hands them money and shit everytime they talk about wanting to go out with friends at night and waves them out the door. ‘T’ is never home pretty much and is out partying every night and comes home when the sun rises. He’s supposadly been graduating next month now for two years. He’s run his parents ragged for years because he screwed around in college instead of doing his work and his parents pay everything by the way. He insists on driving a big fancy truck all over the place and never pays for gas or insurance or any of that. “J” is just as bad as far as the staying out late and partying and drinking, but he’s at least responsible enough to get a job and work to pay off his own college loans and now run his parents into the ground.
They’re adults. There is nothing wrong with the fun. Nothing at all. Except in ‘T’s case since he pays for none of it and then demands a pair of $200 pairs of replacement sunglasses when his get scratched after he drove drunk and destroyed his truck and almost died. He could have killed himself or someone else and they pamper him. I slapped the crap out of him in the hospital and he took it like a man. That much I give him credit for.
I just get sick when my grandfather is nothing but smiles for them and then sneers at anything I do. When I was out past 10 in the evening last month he was furious. All I was doing? Eating watermellon and playing uno with a friend and discussing her nursery plans. Cause… Y’know… I’m 23 and my friends are mostly all married and having kids while I’m on a curfew and not allowed to breath a certain way or sit cross-legged. I wasn’t bar hopping or sleeping around or anything like that. I was an AB honor-roll kid all through my school years. I’ve never done anything to upset the law or whatever. Never gotten a ticket or had any late payments on anything. I’m no angel, but compared to normal people, holy crap. They can sit cross legged and actually use a cell phone in their living rooms. “T” & “J” and prop their feet on the table and play on their phones all day long, but if I so much as check the time I get chewed out an hour or told to “Give that damn thing a rest already.” It’s thrown in my face enough that the boys have these super awesome photo albums full of sports pictues, childhood photos and huge fancy black and white pictures in the hallway with poems and stuff that were made for them for their graduation… my picture on the wall is the size of my thumb. Kind of a slap in the face.
Here I am… living with them… spending all the time I can with them…. (kinda why Im never on here anymore y’know) and the boys come by maybe once a month or every two months. Less if there’s no truck troubles or if they haven’t broken anything pawpaw can fix…
It just hurts. A lot.
I normally just deal with it. I’m used to it… but tonight was awesome. What am I supposed to do? Tell my boss no, she hired a woman who has to be home by nine? It was awkward enough telling her I couldn’t afford health insurance because my paychecks are used to support my parents. Yeah, I make 9 an hour which is great… but I’m only part time and I’m doing my damnedest to stay afloat between bills, school, parents and gas. Not to mention I just learned I was denied Financial aide this year AND something is wrong with my Taxes somehow? The letter was vauge and confusing because that’s the IRS and how they do things? Maybe it was a fake? So who knows. I might go to jail because I trusted someone else besides H&RBlock to help me with my taxes this year. It’s not like they teach this stuff in school.

Speaking of being only part time… I would like to throw out a silent “fuck you” to all the other Childrens directors in the Tri-county area who had not only full time $12 hours, and someone working with or under them. Not to mention the epic budget allowances and the space and freedom that made my head spin. Blow me off because I’m only a part time gal in the smallest library in the system. Eat the numbers bitches. Eat. The. Numbers.
I Rock.
Sorry for the huge rant. It’s not like I have anyone to talk to around here that will actually listen haha. :/ They’ve got bigger problems than my stints of depression and anger.
Posting from phone or I’d stick this under a read more. For some reason that is not an option on this phone.

FML my boss just brought me a cupcake with the word fluff on it and left with french laughter.